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Colorado Canine Rescue

Colorado Canine Rescue is a non-profit with an important mission but limited funds. Clear Vistas was initially hired to make a few content updates, but was convinced that it was time to bring their outdated Wordpress site into the world of mobile website viewing. Clear Vistas customer since 2014.


ARFTG is a non-profit technical society. Clear Vistas has redesigned ARFTG's website twice. In the latest 2015 responsive redesign the site was moved to the Joomla platform. This enables ARFTG to better meet member needs by easily collecting and presenting member information and allowing multiple ARFTG board members to edit and add content to the website. This website uses OSSolutions Joomla components Membership Pro and Events Booking for ARFTG conference registration. Clear Vistas customer since 2005.

Coyote Motors

Wolfgang Reitz at Coyote Motors has offered quality service to his customers for many years. When Wolfgang was ready to establish a web presence, he turned to Clear Vistas to create a website site that highlights the best that his honest and friendly auto repair shop has to offer. Clear Vistas customer since 2011.



Mountain Aero

Dan Jordan, the owner of Mountain Aero, knew he needed a website to enhance his aircraft sales business. He also knew he wanted to be able to update his own aircraft listings. Clear Vistas provided Dan with a custom-designed website that incorporated a content managment system called Pulse Pro CMS. Pulse Pro allows Dan to update his own content while still having a unique custom designed website created just for Mountain Aero. Clear Vistas also performed a color scheme update of Dan's site to match his new logo. Clear Vistas customer since 2012.


A CelloStone™ is a very unique product. The creator of this innovative solution to an age old problem needed a website to cater to both musicians and scientists. Clear Vistas created an informational website that provides a concise discussion of the product, yet allows the cellist or scientist to drill down into the details. The website also provides a mechanism for cellists to submit detailed information about their instrument in order to purchase a unique CelloStone™ matched to their specific needs. Clear Vistas customer since 2011.



Evergreen Garden Club

Evergreen Garden Club was ready to update their website. They wanted brighter colors and a way for their officers to edit some of the site content. They also wanted their site to look great no matter whether viewers were using a computer, a tablet, or a smartphone. Clear Vistas created a custom-designed website to fulfill their needs. The new site also uses Pulse Pro CMS to allow garden club officers to keep their site up-to-date. Clear Vistas customer since 2012.


Deluxe Speedometer and Radio Service

Deluxe Speedometer & Radio Service wanted to enter the web world with a basic informational site. Having been a family business since 1932, they knew their industry well and were looking to expand their customer base. Clear Vistas created an eye-pleasing yet functional site including a page for photos of the very interesting customer cars. Our Search Engine Optimization work has resulted in a #1 Google search ranking. The site was updated in 2015 to a modern responsive design suitable for mobile devices. Clear Vistas customer since 2008.